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Werbearchiv Universal Studios


Kreativgruppe und Beschreibung:

Category: Stunts & Live Advertising
Advertiser's Supervisor: Ashley Johnson
Account Manager: Brian Dunbar
Art Director: Allen Yu
Art Director: Chris Cavalieri
Planner: Victor Acosta
Creative Director: Steve Yee
Other Credits: Director Of Print Services: Meredith Ball
Creative Director: Ben Purcell
Producer: Carrie Lighthall
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Copywriter: Dan Jordan
Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Account Manager: Melissa Spano

Ambient Execution Description
During the pre-game of this year’s Super Bowl, the evil TRANSFORMER known as MEGATRON took over the airwaves and threatened the world with the message “Soon, you will all perish.” Now it’s happening.TRANSFORMER are here. With an ambient stunt at the iconic Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, it’s clear they do not come in peace. On April 15th, it appeared as though MEGATRON burst through the side of L.A. Landmark Staples Center leaving a gaping 80 foot hole in the side of the building. The arena, home to the Lakers, the Clippers, the Kings and a slew of musical acts, had never seen anything like this.The street in front of The Staples Center, Chick Hearn Drive, was closed due to debris from the collateral damage. Smoke billowed from the building; a small indication of the magnitude of the forceful blow as the alien robot ripped through the building as if it were made of paper.With public advisories posted throughout the city, it is undeniable that war is not only imminent, but that it will be fought on our home front. People should have paid greater attention to the individuals carrying prophetic sandwich boards warning that “the end is near.” The destruction at The Staples Center is merely the beginning

Außenwerbung "THE BIGGEST THING TO HIT LA" wurde kreiert von der Werbeagentur David&Goliath für das Produkt Universal Studios (Marke: Universal Studios) Geographie: Vereinigte Staaten. Veröffentlicht: Dez. 2012.
Inserent: NBCUniversal, LLC
Marke: Universal Studios
Produkt/Dienstleistung: Universal Studios
Werbeagentur: David&Goliath
Land: Vereinigte Staaten
Karegorie: Audio-und Videoaufnahmen
Veröffentlicht: Dezember 2012

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