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Werbearchiv Peugeot


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Kreativgruppe und Beschreibung:

Category: Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live Advertising
Advertiser: PEUGEOT
Product/Service: PEUGEOT 208
Director: Darren Smith (BD Network)
Director/Head Of Planning: Lee Barber (BD Network)
Group Account Director: Sheila Buchet (BD Network)
Account Director: Amo De Villele (BD Network)
Head Of Experiential: Jim Carless (BD Network)
Experiential Account Director: James Wallinford (BD Network)
Head Of Production: John Mollet (BD Network)
Production Director: Anthony Russell (BD Network)
Creative Director: Warren Peddie (BD Network)
Senior Art Director: Lynton Peddie (BD Network)
Director: Tom Burch (Projection Advertising)
Technical Director: Gavin Mcarthur (Projection Advertising)
3D Developer: Nemanja Antanaskovic (Projection Advertising)
Director: Flavio Machado (Sr Com)
Producer: Raphaela Rodrigues (Sr Com)
Video Director: Matt Nee (Locomotion Films / Rokkit Films)
Music Director: Ed Morris (Delicious Digital)
Media placement: Projection - Outdoor - 8th December 2011
Media placement: Film - Youtube - 12th December 2011
Media placement: Blogger content/links - Various - 12th December 2011

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
The 208 launched globally from March 2012 and will be the biggest car launch to date for Peugeot.

The 208 is a revolution, both in design and technology and is targeted at today’s lifestyle-driven, urban driver. Peugeot isn’t a first choice for this audience, so the need to connect dictated a different approach.

Our brief was to create a ‘never been seen before’ campaign to bring to life the 208’s ‘Let your body drive’ concept and kick-start the build up to global launch.

Objectives were to create an ‘event’ for the Brazilian market (very important to Peugeot’s future plans), and create ‘content’ that could reach audiences worldwide.

Our starting point was to create engaging/entertaining content with the potential to ‘go viral’. The social currency of sharing ‘cool’ content offered the connection with our target audience and provided the inspiration to create a world-first by pushing the boundaries of today’s technology.

Creative Execution
Let Your Body Drive’ is the concept behind the car, our strategy was single minded; make this happen in the real world. Our idea was to create an experience where a human performer could ‘control’ graphics, sound and effects with his body.

The script was written with ‘suspense’ as the key theme, with the energy of the car chasing our performer until he gains control uses it to drive the car and the show.

3D projection mapping could provide the impact but wanted to push this technology. We combined it with new interactive mapping technology that ‘watches’ movement in a 3D space, and allows real control with natural movements.

We took over Cinelandia Square in Rio De Janeiro and used the ‘Camara Municipal’ building as our canvas. The experience was filmed and edited into a four minute movie and then seeded virally by influential lifestyle, automotive and technology bloggers.

Results and Effectiveness
The official viral video was released on the 12th of December 2011 and within one week the number of views reached 1 million. Within one month it reached 5.3 million views globally. The client objective was to reach 1 million in total.

At the million mark the viral was awarded a YouTube ‘Trending’ medal, and at 5 million a ‘Most Popular’ award.

The show and VIP event generated extremely positive local PR for Peugeot’s key business partner audience, including the government, dealership retailers, suppliers and journalists.

Promo / PR "LET YOUR BODY DRIVE" wurde kreiert von der Werbeagentur BD NETWORK für das Produkt Peugeot 208 GTI (Marke: Peugeot) Geographie: Vereinigtes Königreich. Veröffentlicht: Dez. 2011.
Inserent: PSA Peugeot Citroën
Marke: Peugeot
Produkt/Dienstleistung: Peugeot 208 GTI
Werbeagentur: BD NETWORK
Land: Vereinigtes Königreich
Karegorie: Autos
Veröffentlicht: Dezember 2011

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