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Werbearchiv Pepsi

Right Here, Right Now

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Kreativgruppe und Beschreibung:

Category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Media: Film
Brand: Pepsi
Agency: Civilization
Geo: China
Advertising Agency: Civilization, Shanghai, China
Creative Director / Copywriter / Art Director / Director / Music Composer / Lyricist: Andrew Lok
Creative Director / Copywriter: Juno Zhang
Creative Director: Alex Xie
Art Director: Xiao-Peng Zhang
Client Management: Grace Dong, Mars Sheng, Abby Yu
Agency Producer: Ivy Yang
Production Company: NUTS Films
Cinematographer: Ke-Nan Qi
Executive Directors: Didi Xu, Ling-Song Yu
Camera Assistants: Wei Pang, Tian He, Ben Nan, Fan Yang
Production Art Director: Yang-Jun Lin, Bo Tang
Producers: Chao Tong, Di Gao
Editors: Didi Xu, Yin-Jian Lu
SFX: Liang
Lyricist: Juno Zhang
Music Production: Fantasy Music
Published: May 2017
Pepsi’s new summer film is an epic production that recreates poignant moments in the lives of Chinese youth since 1981, the year Pepsi-Cola entered China. From the birth of underground rock to the worship of modern pop stars, from traditional romance to gender empowerment, from hedonistic pursuits to public consciousness, from television to movies to online gaming to reality shows to extreme sports and so on.

Werbung im Fernsehen "Right Here, Right Now" wurde kreiert von der Werbeagentur Civilization China für die Marke Pepsi Geographie: China. Veröffentlicht: Mai 2017.
Inserent: PepsiCo, Inc.
Marke: Pepsi
Werbeagentur: Civilization China NUTS Film
Land: China
Karegorie: Energy Drinks (en)
Veröffentlicht: Mai 2017

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