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Werbearchiv IKEA

Lack Friday

Kreativgruppe und Beschreibung:

Category: House, Garden
Media: Print
Brand: IKEA
Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl
Geo: Denmark
Advertising Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl, Denmark
Published: November 2017
It’s here. The one day out of 365 days a year where nearly every retailer on planet Earth give their customers a chance to save big. Perhaps everyone, except Ikea. This week, Ikea launched a campaign, promoting their $7.99 side table, LACK. But, they did it by simply removing the B from “Black Friday”, leaving only “Lack Friday” followed, by the small price tag and the line: Low prices. Every day. The message is quite clear: At Ikea, you save 365 days a year. Not just one.

Printwerbung "Lack Friday" wurde kreiert von der Werbeagentur Hjaltelin Stahl für die Marke IKEA Geographie: Dänemark. Veröffentlicht: Nov. 2017.
Inserent: IKEA International Group
Marke: IKEA
Werbeagentur: Hjaltelin Stahl
Land: Dänemark
Karegorie: Haus-Mobiliar, Warenhäuser
Veröffentlicht: November 2017

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